Yuval HaMebulbal – Hebrew Children’s Comedy Movies


A collection of two DVDs from the Israeli Children’s star Yuval HaMebulbal.

It comprises of two DVDs for Israeli’s Children. It features Children’s star Yuval HaMebulbal or Yuval the Confused One. Yuval has a great imagination and he is a funny character for the children. Its a complete entertainment for kids , they will love watching such a comedy movie.  Grab it now for your children , it will make them laugh too hard. Its a must buy for all those parents who want their kids to watch some good stuff.

Yuval is a great comedian for children and he has participated in many children songs and movies. Lovable children’s entertainer Yuval Hamebulbal is the stuff of fairy tales. Utilizing his awkward stance and strangely rasping, deep voice, he turned the traits that made him an unpopular child into an educational tool that eventually teach thousands of Israeli children that being different is okay.