Yemenite Filigree Silver Dreidel for Hanukkah


Beautiful Handmade Silver Dreidel with the Yemenite filigree design.

This beautiful handmade dreidel is made of High quality 925 sterling silver. Its made in a workshop that specializes in unique filigree design. Its Handmade with Yemenite filigree and decorated with a variety of colorful semi-precious stones. Traditionally, dreidel was a child’s toy played with during the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. You can buy it to play the traditional games on Chanukah celebrations.  The Dreidel diameter is 1.6″ (4cm) and Weight is 18 gram. Its made of silver and is perfect for sending as a gift to your friends and family. The design of the dreidel is Yemenite filigree that makes it very attractive. It includes an elegant gift box. Grab it now before the stock ends.