The Persuaders: An Israeli Adventure Series


The classic ’70s British cult adventure series! A story of A pair of Playboys with nothing in common but trouble!

The Persuaders is a classic cult Israeli Adventure series that is based on the story of two rich playboys, one is the self-made American tough guy and the other is the wealthy British Lord. These characters have been played by Tony Curtis and Roger Moore. They are very talented actors and have done complete justice to their roles. Its a story of A pair of Playboys with nothing in common but trouble! These two are grouped together by Judge Fullton to investigate the crimes that police is unable to solve. They exhibit an amazing chemistry in this entertaining adventure series. Its worth watching and you can’t afford a chance to miss such an incredible series. There is lots of fun, witty humor, camp, and just plain entertaining stuff shown in this series. They have filmed the series in beautiful locations like Cote d’Azur, France, Rome, London, etc so you can witness these places and enjoy their beauty. Curtis & Moore played off each other very well. Their humor comes across very well.