Taki Super Card Game – Most Popular Game in Israel


One of the Most Popular Game in Israel – Taki Super Card Game

Its one of the most popular games in Israel. Taki is a card game developed by Israeli game inventor Haim Shafir. The game is an advanced variant of the Crazy Eights with a special card deck and extended game options. In its basic form it resembles UNO. It was introduced in 1983 by Shafir Games. The game cards were designed by Israeli artist Ari Ron. Taki (טאקי) is a highly entertaining social card game and the most popular Israeli card game ever. Taki is a variant of Uno, making it part of the Crazy Eights family of card games. The game includes 112 cards (2 identical sets of 56). Educational benefits Researchers have determined that playing card games such as Taki have educational benefits for children.