Purple Dreidel with Star of David Symbol – Itzhak Luvaton


A beautiful Dreidel with the Stars of David in different shades of purple.

Its a beautiful Dreidel with the symbol of Stars of David in different shades of purple.  Its has the letters “נ ג ה ש” which means “A Big Miracle Happened There”. This is a hand made dreidel and is composed of Aluminum and plexiglass.  Its Dimensions are 2.25″X2.25″ and Height is 2″.  It is a unique piece made with delicacy and great attention. Its made in Israel and has an elegant design. You can buy this antique dreidel piece for enjoying your chanukah festivities . The four letters which appear on the four corners of a dreidel alude to the miracle of Hanukkah. It can be used to play the traditional games of Israeli events like Hanukkah.