Liad Shoham Book : Line up (2013-09-03) Hardcover – 1844


An incredible crime fiction novel written by Liad Shoham.

This terrific book is written by Liad Shoham.  He is an international best selling author who made his american debut in this thriller. He has told the story of a a young woman in this book, who was raped outside her home and then she hid herself in some apartment. Later her parents came to know about this and start investigating the incident. When the detective fail to find any clues, the girl’s father start investigation himself.

Line up (2013-09-03) Hardcover – 1844

Its an incredible story and an amazing crime thriller. It is a brilliant, fast-paced that will keep you guessing until the end of the book. Lineup is a twisted tale of mistaken identity, organized crime, a disgraced detective looking for redemption, a tireless young reporter, and an innocent man with a not-so-innocent past. What will they do and what lines they will cross as their world begins to devastate? This continuous novel introduces a powerful new voice in crime fiction.

About the Author

Liad Shoham is Israel’s leading crime writer and a practicing attorney with degrees from Jerusalem’s Hebrew University and the London School of Economics. All his crime novels have been critically acclaimed bestsellers. He lives in Tel Aviv with his wife and two children.