Israeli Vintage Matkot Paddles – Ting-Dong Wood Game


A 1980’s Israeli wooden beach racquet (“Matka”) game with a print of a Jewish menorah.

Its a 1980’s Israeli wooden beach racquet game with a symbol of Jewish menorah that is combined with the word Israel. Its an amazing game for the Ting-Dong Wood Game lovers. It can be utilized for sports or collective and decorative purposes. Its manufactured by Israeli company “TING-DONG”. The game “MATKOT” is commonly played at the Israeli beaches. Most of the beaches are full of people who play “matkot” and when you hit the ball, the sound produced is like TING-DONG…TING-DONG.  This sound is what makes the “matkot” players so addictive to this game and those TING-DONG paddles know how to make this perfect sound. Grab it now and enjoy playing at the beach parties with your friends and family.