In Touch Number


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Calls and SMS from abroad? It’s possible!

So what is the “in Touch” Number?

 Your Phone number is your LOCAL Number, (USA/ Canadian /European/Israeli Number) which you are using and giving away to family, Friends, Colleagues, and people around your home, but what’s happened with your loved ones abroad?  Having them call your local Number can be super expensive!

That’s one of the reasons for getting the “In Touch” Number!

“In Touch” number is a Virtual Number that we will assign to your local (or any preferred) number.

Whoever calls this number, will reach the number you have chosen to receive the call. for example, if you are living in New York, and want to receive calls / Text Messages from Israel- get an Israeli “In Touch” and you are good to go! 


With the  “in Touch” number, we make it MUCH cheaper (and possibly free) for them to call you, and way easier and cheaper for you to be reached! 

How are we doing it? Let us explain:

  1. You will be given an “in Touch” number- with the same area code you wish to, (you can have Israeli, Canadian, USA, European, or even Madagascar number).
  2. We will assign the number given to you to the desired number you wish to receive the calls
  3. Let Everyone know your new “in Touch” and wait for the calls to come!


Do you have a family or people you need to call them instantly? Sure! We have a solution for that as well!

  1. Tell us which is your preferred area code to call (for example- if you are located in Toronto, Canada- and you have free calls within the province, so area code 416/647/437  will be most convenient for you)
  2. Let us know the number you wish to call (so for example, if you want to reach your mother in Israel-so give us her number.)
  3. Call your Local  “in Touch” Number and wait until your call will be answered! they will not even know that you have called Local.


Are you looking to have an Israeli number and receive TEXT MESSAGES (!!!) even when you are outside Israel?


and wait! What’s the cost of the service? The cost is $9.97 Per month+VAT, Flat, No Changes, No Surprises.


We are sure that some are feeling confused, but we are here to make it much easier and convenient for all!

Questions? or call 1-877-474-4359 to reach our Customer Service.