Hill “Halfon” Doesn’t Answer – A Classic Israeli Comedy Movie


An Israeli classic comedy movie that presents the story of three mischievous Army reservists.

Its a uniformly funny film, a story of three mischievous Army reservists. Hill Halfon Doesn’t Answer is a movie based on such type of military life that you have never seen before. Its a complete fun adventure for people of all ages. It will make you laugh harder than ever. Its A classic comedy from Israel in the 1970s.  The movie shows a reserves unit located in the Israel-controlled Sinai that is about five miles from the Egyptian front lines. Actual story starts when one of the Israelis mistakenly wanders across the lines and is captured by an Egyptian patrol, it leads to the planning of a rescue mission. This movie is a must buy for all the classic collectors. It is a glimpse into how well the army struggled for the Israel’s survival.

You will enjoy watching it and will be amused by the entertaining story line and the depiction of the army men.

About the Director:

Asaf “Assi” Dayan was an Israeli film director, actor, screenwriter, and producer. Assi Dayan acted in scores of movies and wrote and directed more than a dozen of his own. Some are considered classics of Israeli cinema, among them “Halfon Hill Doesn’t Answer” (1976), which he wrote, in part, and directed, an irreverent romp about an army reserve unit somewhere in the Sinai Desert, and “Life According to Agfa” (1992), a drama he wrote and directed that chronicles a night of tragic twists and turns in a Tel Aviv bar.