Hebrew Card Game – “A Tale of 5 Balloons” for Israeli Kids


A Classic Hebrew Card Game for Israeli kids – “Tale of five Balloons” by Miriam Roth.

It includes a hebrew card game of the classic book “Tale of Five Balloons”. Its written by Miriam Roth. “A Tale of Five Balloons” is published in 1974 and illustrated by Ora Eval. It illustrates the story of five children, each of them get a balloon from Ruti’s mother — a blue balloon for Ruti, purple for Sigalit, yellow for Ron, green for Uri and red for Alon. All of the balloons of the children burst except the balloon of Alon’s. His balloon blew into the sky with the wind.  The children look at the balloon and shout “Bye, bye, red balloon!” This story will teach children how to deal with the losses in life like losing a pet or a friend. This book also elaborates numbers and color concepts in rhyming and musical language.