Hand Made Rooster Silver and Aluminum Dreidel


Beautiful Rooster Silver and Aluminum Dreidel by Itzhak Luvaton

It is a beautiful hand made Rooster Silver and Aluminum Dreidel. Its made in Israel by Itzhak Luvaton.  This dreidel is a special combination between Anodized Aluminum and Sterling Silver. The handle of the dreidel is shaped like a Vane, that can be seen on rooftops. On the dreidel there are the some hebrew letters “נ  ג  ה  פ” which mean “Big Miracle Happened Here”.  The Height of the dreidel is 7 mm and Base is 38X38 mm. Add our beautiful pewter dreidel to your Hanukkah celebration. A dreidel is a four-sided spinning top, played with during the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. It makes a great little gift and it is fun for children to spin and learn about the season of lights. Combine this dreidel with pennies, nuts, jelly beans, or to stick within the Hanukkah vein, chocolate gelt, to play this traditional game.