Filigree Silver Dreidel w/ Open Top for Hanukkah


Beautiful Filigree Silver Dreidel (Sevivon) for Chanukah – Special Judaica Gift

This is a beautiful Filigree Silver Dreidel with an Open Top. Dreidel is Yiddish for “spinning top.” A dreidel is a pointed, four-sided top which can be made to spin on its pointed base. Dreidels are normally made of plastic or wood, though there are silver or glass “designer dreidels” available on the market, usually intended for display purposes. It is customary to play dreidel games on the holiday of Chanukah. This dreidel (sevivon) is made of 8.4 grams 925 sterling silver.  Its 32 mm in Diameter and 37mm height with top. It has an open top and a unique design. Its great for spinning and playing games on Hanukkah.