Enamel & Crystals Embedded Judaica MENORAH for Hanukkah


Hanukkah Menorah embedded with Enamel & Crystals – A Beautiful Candle Holder with the symbol of Star Of David.

This is a beautifully designed Hanukkah having 9 branches. Its embedded with enamel and crystals inlay. Its from one of our greatest best sellers in Israel. Its made in Israel and is a great gift for your Hanukkah festivities.  The amazing unique design of the star of David (“Magen David”) is at both sides. Not only on one side. Gift box is also included in it! The sample on the Hanukia is double sided. Its height is 25 cm / 10 inches. It uses all standard Chanukah candles. The beautiful crystals inserted in the Menorah adds elegance to its beauty and the symbol of star of David looks very artistic. A must have for all of you.