Early Israel Brass Lamp for Hanukkah Celebrations Stamped By Nordia.

It is a beautiful Mid-Century Lamp (also referred to as a menorah) stamped by Nordia and made in Israel.  Its is an Israel Hanukkah Lamp and has the shape of a Fish. This Piece measures 5 1/4″ x 8 1/8″. Its vintage Condition is excellent. It has a very unique design and is made artistically. On the Chanukah menorah, eight of the arms are for the candles which represent the 8 miracle days, and the ninth arm is for the candle used to light the others. Only the 9 branch menorah can be used for Chanukah. You can use this lamp to celebrate the Jewish festival Chanukah. It will be a great addition to your festivities. You can buy it and enjoy lighting this elegant Lamp with candles.