Children of the Sun (2008) – An Israeli Documentary by Yaldey Hashemesh


An amazing Israeli documentary film based on the lives of the first generation of kibbutz children.

Children of the Sun is a documentary feature film based on the story of Israel kibbutz. The director has focused on the “Children of the Sun” – this is the first generation of kibbutz children who got separated from their families and were brought up in according to the laws of communal child rearing and education. Its an intimate portrait of the children who were part of  the Israel’s first kibbutzim. They tell their stories chronologically in four chapters: “separation” — their early years living and sleeping apart from their parents, “group” — pre-teen life as extended family, “elite” — becoming young adults, and “a second life” — adults looking back. The film combines home movie footage from kibbutzim with comments about it by elderly participants, some of them pictured as children in the films.

About the director:

It is directed by Ran Tal.