CHILDREN OF RAGE (1975) – Israeli Conflict Drama


Children of rage (1975) is the story of all victims of senseless Middle-Eastern terrorism.

Its an Israeli Conflict story written and directed by Arthur Allan Seidelman filmed mostly in Malta. It focuses on the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians at the end of 1960s and beginning of 1970s. It starts with the story of a Palestinian guerrilla who is killed and his brother replaces him. He disguised himself as an Israeli. He is wounded and is treated by an Israeli doctor in the hospital. The doctor tries to convince him to get rid of his destructive intentions but he fails to do so and the Palestinian dies during  the bomb explosion that he himself set up for the Israelis. The director has referred his as Children of Rage. For many of the children of the region, the terrorist war has been going on for their entire lifetimes, killing their family and friends, and overshadowing their lives. They are the Children of Rage. This is a depiction of the side effects that arouse due to the conflict between Israeli and Palestinians.