Catch-67 : The Legacy of the Six-Day War


An Israeli best selling author has given a controversial overview of the Israeli discussion over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

This book is an overview of the Israeli debate and opinions over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict written by the best-selling Israeli author, Micah Goodman. The Israelis are indulged in a national debate over whether to keep the Palestinian land or to give it back to them. The author explains the views of the religious Jews about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Micah shows that both sides are right in which they proclaim and wrong in what they contradict. He concluded in the book that the issue cannot be resolved. The author is an optimist and has explained how to reduce the conflict using practical strategies and steps. He has used political analysis and philosophical critique in this book. It is a great masterpiece of Micah that entails the legacy of the sex-days war.

About the Author:

Micah Goodman is the president of Beit Midrash Yisraeli-Ein Prat. He is a senior fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem, and the author of four best-selling books in Israel including Maimonides and the Book That Changed Judaism.