Antique Judaica brass Hanukkah Oil Menorah


An amazing Antique 19th Century Brass Hanukkah Oil Menorah for all the Israelis.

Its an antique 19th Century Brass Hanukkah Oil Menorah. Chanukah Menorahs have been an object of artistic design for centuries.  This antique brass Menorah’s Width is 9 1/2” and Height is 12 1/2”. Preparing your menorah is the first step to setting the tone for a lovely evening with family and friends, so make sure to stock up on the right supplies well in advance of this celebration. This product will recharge your celebrations. We’ve found that most of people who love the idea of being connected with tradition and history prefer an oil menorah. This type of menorah really helps bring to light the real reason for this Jewish holiday. In remembrance of that oil that burned for eight days, it’s an especially meaningful moment to light your own oil menorah each night of Hanukkah. This antique brass Hanukkah Oil Menorah is great for your celebrations.