1950 CARD GAME of International FLAGS for Israeli Children


Jewish Children playing Card Game named “DGALIM – FLAGS” that represent National Flags of 12 different countries.

It is a Jewish children playing card game named “DGALIM – FLAGS”. It was published in TEL AVIV Eretz Israel and was in use in the 1950’s up to the early 1960’s . This game is comprised of 24 cards that represent National Flags of 12 different countries from all over the world including Israel, Canada, India, Argentina, Australia, Egypt, Hungary, Russia , Japan, Greece, United Kingdom (England – Britain) and Chile. All cards are designed very beautifully with bright colors. There is another card named “CARD of institutions”. These 25 cards are designed by David Gilboa. David Gilboa is the most famous illustrator of CHILDREN’S BOOKS , Passover HAGGADAH and GAMES. This card game also includes an illustrated thin cardboard box. The size of CARDS is around 2.5 x 3.5″. These CARDS are never played with and the whole game is in MINT – PRISTINE condition. Buy it now and have fun playing it with your children.